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March Meeting

Tim opened with a word of prayer

Devotions lead by Vaughn Blackburn using Psalm 46 as our subject verses. In the Old Testament there were 39 kings in Israel and Judah. 4 good kings, 5 so-so kings and 30 bad kings. Vaughn used a flashlight as an example. Do we throw a flashlight away when the battery goes dead? Just like God does not throw us away when we sin.

Vaughn shared 5 C's

. Constantly

.. Communicating

... Commonly

.... Creator

..... Communion

Our Speaker in March was Scott Hanson and we got the privilege to to learn and watch the production of 3 flies (pictured here) that he teaches in his class. We ended the night with prayer requests and announcements.


April Meeting

We will be ministered to by Vaughn and then be blessed by our guest speaker.

We have a great guest speaker scheduled for April with River Dan coming and those of you who have had the privilege of hearing him elsewhere know that he is an excellent fisherman and willing to share his years of experience with us.

We will be talking about our upcoming Spring Outing and then closing the night in prayer.

If you are unable to make it to the meeting and need us to pray for you please reach out to me at 612-490-4824 or you can email me at


Spring Outing 

May 5-8 at Luthercrest in Alexandria - the FOM meeting will be at the Spring Outing

Duane Prior Fishing Event

May 20, 21 and 22 - Tower MN

Duane needs more boats and guides so please let him know ASAP if you can help.

-- Friday Evening arriving (you can stay at Duane's so let him know)

Camp Fire, Food and Fellowship

-- Saturday will start with Breakfast at 7:00 then meeting at the landing at 8:00

-- Sunday will be on your own but Breakfast at the cabin.

Summer Club Tournaments

June 18 - Multi Species Team Tournament on Rush Lake

July 23 - Multi Species Team Tournament on North South Center

August 13 - Individual Bass Tournament on Waconia

October 8 - Multi Species Team Tournament on a Mystery Lake


Fall Outing

September 15-18 at Shores of Lake Andrew

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