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December 2022


Notes from our last meeting

Our November meeting is our annual business meeting where we get an update on the year past. 

We got an excellent reports from our President, Outing Director, our Tournament Director and our Treasurer. 

Michael Cummins had to step off the board as required by our bylaws. Once a board member reaches 6 consecutive years they must step down for a minimum of one year. 


Our 2023 FOM Board is

Tim Jewell - President

Gary Ellis - Vice President

Brad Hoium - Treasurer

Dave Simpson - Outing Director

Randy Jordan - Tournament Director

Non Board Positions

Michael Cummins - Membership/Website/Newsletter 

A note of Thanksgiving

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving with family and friends. Over the weekend I sat down with a note book and looked back over the year at some of my best reasons to be thankful.

I of course would have to include Jan and the kids (which includes their spouses and their kids). I am also grateful for our health. We all have our aches and pains but nothing serious. 

I want to let you know how much I appreciate all of you. I continue to be amazed at the blessings God continues to rain down on the club and each of us. I count you all as close friends and brothers in Christ. 

Lets keep our walk with God number one in 2023.


Christmas Party/December Meeting

Pizza Ranch in Andover - 13797 Jay Street NW 

We will be starting dinner at 5:30 and look forward to seeing everyone. We will not be doing any gift exchange, just having dinner together.

The cost is about $15.00 per person.

January 5

Our first FOM meeting of the new year

Our speaker will be Wayne Jacobson as he will be sharing about his missions trip to Brazil.

If we will be having an Ice Fishing Outing we will be announcing date, time and location at the meeting.


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