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April meeting notes

We had a great meeting starting with devotions lead by Vaughn. Our featured verse was Mark 1:35-37. Giving up things for Lent reminds us how Jesus gave us His life, so giving up pleasures for a short time helps us prepare for the Crucifixion. 


Vaughn giving devotions and River Dan visiting with us

River Dan shared how his Grandma and Mom refused to stop praying for him daily and how he came to know Jesus while in maximum security in Prison. Dan also shared how his shoes became famous while being on Billy Grahams security detail. We heard how he was saved from freezing in the river after being thrown from his boat in the winter. 

He then shared about his knowledge of Handlining that started in the 1920s on the Detroit River. He shared some of his favorite lures, colors and techniques for how to fish the river. River Dan is a great river fisherman and was very entertaining.

Remember that the May meeting is going to take place at the Spring Outing. 



River Dans favorite plastic is Firecracker Paddeltail.

Another favorite lure is a #9 Jiggin Raps


May meeting will be at the Spring Outing

May's Fishers of Men Meeting will be at the Fishers of Men Spring Outing at Luther Crest Bible Camp

The address of the camp is 8231 County Road 11 in Alexandria Minnesota. 

Thursday, May 5th people will be arriving throughout the day

  • 1830 aka 6:30 Dinner

  • 1915 Fishers of Men Meeting


  • 0715 Devotions with Breakfast beginning at 0730  (pick up bag lunch)

  • Head out to go fishing for the day

  • 1800 Dinner

  • 1900 Devotions and Fellowship


  • 0715 Devotions with Breakfast beginning at 0730  (pick up bag lunch)

  • Head out to go fishing for the day

  • 1715 Devotions with Dinner beginning at 1730 

  • 1830 Head for home

If you have any questions please give Dave Simpson a call at 612-462-2195


Duane Prior Fishing Event

May 20, 21 and 22 - Tower MN

Duane needs more boats and guides so please let him know ASAP if you can help.

-- Friday Evening arriving (you can stay at Duane's so let him know)

Camp Fire, Food and Fellowship

-- Saturday will start with Breakfast at 7:00 then meeting at the landing at 8:00

-- Sunday will be on your own but Breakfast at the cabin.

Teen Challenge Fishing Challenge

June 2 - Rules meeting

June 3 - Teen Challenge Fishing Tournament

Summer Club Tournaments

June 18 - Multi Species Team Tournament on Rush Lake

July 23 - Multi Species Team Tournament on North South Center

August 13 - Individual Bass Tournament on Waconia

October 8 - Multi Species Team Tournament on a Mystery Lake

Fall Outing

September 15-18 at Shores of Lake Andrew

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