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November 2021

We had a great meeting last month with "Turk". There were two things that he highlighted that will help us in our personal lives and our spiritual walk.

The first thing he talked about was making sure his lures are tuned up. Being out of alignment makes the lure move through the water unnaturally. It just is not effective. When we live our lives out of tune we lose our ability to be effective and we don't do ourselves any favors. 

The other thing that "Turk" talked about was trolling and making sure your side poles go straight out the side of the boat and your back poles go straight out the back. You might have heard the phrase "stay in your lane". When we don't we tangle our lines. 

Let us focus on getting our lives in alignment into the new year.

See you at our meeting next week.

November Business Meeting

This Thursday is our Annual Business Meeting so please plan on attending. This meeting is designed to hear about the past year and discuss the new year. 

See you at 7:00 when we start the meeting. 


Thank you Turk for speaking at our last months meeting.

Checkout his web site at


Upcoming Events ​

  • FOM Annual Business Meeting – November 4 

  • December 2 - Fishers of Men Christmas Party

  • January 6 - FOM January Meeting

  • January 13 to 16 - St Paul Sports Show Trout Pond

Our Teen Challenge Friends from the Fall Outing
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